Paying it Forward to humanity by enabling ideas to reach new frontiers.

Pay It Forward is a top-decile portfolio formed by cross-discipline partners who have been building it with personal capital since 2014. PIF supports sectors that offer both social impact and industry-leading financial returns.







Investment themes include blockchain, fintech, living, health, space, frontier tech, and connectivity segments across early, growth and even some late-stage companies, including differentiated index opportunities.

To date, the fund has deployed significant capital supporting dozens of portfolio companies that continue to exceed expectations and serve as exemplary partners.

In addition to capital support, the fund strongly believes in human capital support as well and does so by providing professional services through its incubator arm (PIF Advisory). Services include business process improvement, operational workflow efficiency, accounting/back office, talent acquisition, people operations, fundraising support, management consulting and industry-specific community building.


  1. Starcity
  2. Republic
  3. Relativity Space
  4. Emotional Intelligence
  5. Momentus Space
  6. Equipment Share
  7. Seed & Roe
  8. Edvo
  9. Sandbox VR
  10. Ampaire
  11. Chipper Cash
  12. Shiprocket
  13. Cuberg
  14. Jumpcut
  15. Site 2020
  16. PEAK
  17. Stably
  18. Osso VR
  19. Nature Box
  20. Lezzoo
  21. Dreamship
  22. Talyn
  23. Zeno Power Systems
  24. Mindbeam Research
  25. CodeCov

Have an idea? Email hello@pif.vc.